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Once someone pointed out that our our kids will be “cappuccino” – only then I realised my babies might not look like me. (She was black.) Q: How do you feel about that perception, as held by others? We both travel a fair amount and the truth is I see mixed couples more frequently in Cape Town and Joburg than in London.

Recently I had a jealous fan speak out on Twitter after I worked a charity event on Mandela Day. Ian: That’s the beauty of a democratic society – others can think as they please. If anything, we’re probably a modern, contemporary family. We’ve only encountered one incident – some months ago we were turned away from a restaurant in Sea Point we’d been frequenting for some time. I think more questions will come when there are kids.

Elana: After knowing Ian for 13 years, I see him as a made-over Ozzy Osbourne, I really didn’t notice. Ian: I understand it from an anthropological point, yes. Q: Do large parts of South Africa and global society see you as being “different” from each other? But does it give me sleepless nights that they think so? Elana: I think people are generally very careful around me because I work in the media, and they try to not offend or speak out around me. I fell in love with a white guy, because I fell in love. We don’t expect everyone to give us a pat on the back because we are Madiba-friendly.

Interesting thing is that people often ask where we are from… But do I think that makes one race better than another? Elana: I understand it, because I grew up with people who pointed it out. I think they may view us as different behind our backs. What I don’t like is when people stare and smile, like they are making it “okay” for us to be together.