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Warwick Independent Schools Foundation is the Governing Body for King's High School, Warwick School and Warwick Preparatory School.

The Schools aim to provide outstanding, all-round education that helps each pupil to maximise their potential.

According to further details uncovered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, this abuse and forced incestuous relationships had been taking place for multiple generations.The Golers are a clan of poor, rural families in Canada, on Nova Scotia's South Mountain, near Wolfville, known for inter-generational poverty and the conviction in the 1980s of a large number of family members for sexual abuse and incest.The Golers lived together in two shacks in a remote wooded area south of the community of White Rock, outside the town of Wolfville.“The idea that they would inject sick people with cancer cells was incredible to me,” recalls Raab, now retired. Anyone of even limited intelligence knew you couldn’t get informed consent from senile people.” The experiments were the idea of Dr.Chester Southam, a noted immunologist at Sloan-Kettering Hospital, who suggested a collaborative research project with the JCDH.