Who is dating melissa rycroft

, Bachelor Jason Mesnick told Melissa Rycroft, his fiancé and the woman to whom he had proposed and given an engagement ring on the show minutes prior, that he was in love with runner-up Molly Malaney.

Rycroft was already America's favorite contestant, and to see her dumped on live TV made viewers empathize with her even more.

contestant received one cute surprise from her youngest friends this weekend.

In a new Instagram post, Melissa revealed to fans that her daughter's dance class turned into an unexpected baby shower! My friends surprised me with a celebration for Baby Boy during the girls' dance class!! "Feeling very lucky and blessed that this little boy is so loved already..."The adorable dancers all wore blue tutus as matching balloons and cupcakes were spread around the venue.

Rycroft explained on the podcast that the pair had been having friction prior to the 2009 special, and she later realized that the tension stemmed from the fact that his feelings for runner-up Molly Malaney had been rekindled.

(Mesnick and Malaney got married in February 2010, and they welcomed daughter Riley in March 2013.) For example, Rycroft mentioned that she had sent Mesnick's son, Ty, some Hanukkah presents after their season wrapped, but she never heard from the Bachelor star, 40, about them.

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At a Nashville "open" casting call in August 2011 the pair were reportedly dismissed during the audition process, while contestants who were Caucasian were treated with greater attention. The latest season of "The Bachelorette" featured one African American man and two Latino men among the potential suitors, making this season the most diverse the show has ever been to date.

Lean on old friends Rycroft brought Mesnick to meet her best friends during her hometown visit (her parents and brother didn't want to appear on camera), and their close-knit group acted a lot like family.

When Rycroft returned home to Texas brokenhearted, those friends rallied around her—and brought her closer to Strickland, an ex-boyfriend with whom she'd broken up right before going on the reality dating show.

Claybrooks stated that "he never had a chance" and felt like he had been treated unjustly and unfairly by producers of the show. Unfortunately, all three men received very little camera time which some say resulted in their early dismissal by "Bachelorette" and single mother, Emily Maynard.

The show has still not yet featured an Asian man (or woman) among the potential suitors who have even this much of a chance to making the top 2, let alone top 15.