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I'm not sure what's more shocking: that Jennifer Capriati's latest ex-boyfriend is a porn star, or that there's actually a male porn star floating around out there by the name of "Dale Da Bone." Oh, yeah, or that a tennis superstar actually considered dating a person with the last name of "Da Bone." Or the first name of "Dale." Appalled all over the place.Anyway, Da Bone (oh, Christ) spoke to TMZ, stating that he had ideas as to why Capriati overdosed and ended up in the hospital. The Baltimore Sun ran a story this week about how a test subject viewer at the local Best Buy was “blown away” by 3D tv.The article does go on to say that pushing 3D tv in the current economy may be a big lift. It has gone from theoretical concept to 75-inch 3D televisions in just over a year. The “sport” of competitive eating now has holdouts. He won the coveted Mustard Belt by winning the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest six years in a row, from 2001-06.

Variety says that an estimated 670 million people worldwide will watch the World Cup final game on July 11th.

Open and denied a trip to the finals due to a penalty she received for screaming at a line judge.

She finally snapped, charging the line judge and screaming, among other things, “Take this ********* ball and shove it down your ********* throat!

Elle acquiert rapidement les bases d'un jeu de fond de court d'une grande puissance, égale en coup droit comme en revers, et d'une défense particulièrement efficace.

À treize ans et deux mois, en 1989, elle gagne Roland-Garros junior, elle accède à la finale de l'Open de Boca Raton où elle est dominée par Sabatini : ce record demeure inégalé.