D2jsp validating

Background For the last few days, I've been attempting to figure out what my items current market value are, if anything.

Attempts This is extremely hard to figure out, due to the auction house.

It is possible to create socketed items from non-socketed items. high quality items with open sockets (or without sockets if you are planning to add them later), the best thing to do is kill high level (Hell difficulty) monsters and hope for a good drop.

If you want lower quality items, look in lower level areas.

If there are no calendar events created, then the application determines availability based on standard working hours and absences.

To determine availability, work schedules assigned to lower workforce structure levels take precedence over those defined at higher levels.

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Hell difficulty (or lower if you want lower quality items) Cow Level is good for finding socketed items because you can kill many monsters quickly (with a good character, build, and gear), and they tend to drop lots of high quality Non-Magical (white) items.

It took all of twenty minutes to bury my request for a price check to the fifth page. I managed to get a single valuation, out of the roughly dozen items I posted, after two days.

I've even tried a few websites that purport to tell you what the market value of your items are, and the one that actually provided a value, didn't seem to be even close to what I would rough it out to.

You should probably look into an online shopping cart system.

@niall_sg1 I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "dynamic avatar", but items will have an icon associated with them that shows up in the shop and in inventories.